At the self care centre, our philosophy is to encourage patients to develop independence and control over their disease and to assume responsibility for their treatment. We believe that a commitment to self care and dialysis in a non-hospital setting promotes a greater sense of well being and self esteem. We believe that patients play a vital role in the learning process and as such will be treated as individuals with different needs and learning styles. We believe that research and change is essential for sustaining growth. We believe in the multidisciplinary approach and that communication and cooperation is essential to the attainment of the highest level of patient care.


To encourage patients to take control of their dialysis and play an active role in their treatment in order to preserve and promote independence.

To increase understanding of dialysis care and treatment, resulting in the patient’s awareness of total care both on and off dialysis.

To help build each patient's self confidence by encouraging and promoting his\her primary responsibility for his\her treatment.

To create and maintain a relaxed and "non-medical" environment where patients can dialyse among "healthy"colleagues.

To provide an initial and ongoing assessment of each patient's self care practices and abilities.

To implement educational programmes and individualized teaching plans, as required, in order to teach and maintain self care.

To identify research questions and to encourage the implementation of new procedures and techniques, when safe to do so in this setting.

To assist each patient to achieve an optimal level of health in partnership with all members of the Health Care Team.