Sheppard Centre was created by a community effort under the auspices of the Toronto District Health Council. It has served the dialysis community since 1987. Sussex Centre was established in 1994. We currently accept patients from all dialysis units from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The units are administered by the University Health Network.

There was a need to have a dialysis unit for patients who desired more independence in their dialysis treatments. The patients may have needed the support of nurses because they felt they were not able to do this at home, may not have had a partner to help them at home or simply had no wish to have all the extra equipment at home. The self care units provide that security and environment.


Sheppard has capacity for 42 patients. We currently have 39 patients but some of those do 4, 5 or six times per week. Our total volume would then be 42 patient equivalent treatments. It is dependant on available dialysis spots.

Sussex Centre and has capacity for 62 patient equivalents.

Both units have nurses with many years of hemodialysis experience. They are proficient in the skills of dialysis as well as assessment, as they are the only health professionals at the centres. There are no doctors on site. All the staff work in a collaborative effort to deliver safe and excellent care. The nurses teach the patients the skills of hemodialysis.



The self care centres provide full care treatments for visitors from across Canada as well as Ontario. The patient visitors must be medically stable. They are reimbursed through inter-provincial agreements. The units do not dialyse out of country patients.




Both centres offer a relaxed and inviting environment that benefits patients and staff.